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Dental Implants

Missing teeth affect a person's appearance, ability to eat, comfort, speech and overall health. Dental implants can improve the quality of life for many people. Dental implants can make it possible to replace missing teeth so they look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaced the root of a missing tooth. Dental implants fuse to bone to stabilize the implant. Dental implants provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth. Dental implants help to prevent bone loss from missing teeth.

Surgical Procedure

Step one of dental implantation is placing the titanium post in the bone socket of the missing tooth. There is an approximate healing phase of three to six months, during this phase the implant will fuse with the bone.

After the implant has fused to the bone, the implant will be uncovered. You will then see your dentist for the restorative crown or denture to be placed.

In some cases, we are able to do a single stage implant. These select cases do not require the uncovering appointment, however there is still a three to six month healing phase before the restorative work can be placed by your dentist.

Restorative Options

  • A single abutment crown restoration attached to the implant.
  • A fixed bridge restoration would replace two or more teeth. This could require only two implants.
  • An implant supported denture. The number of implants requires is based on your specific case.

(Above 3 options are all performed and completed by your general dentist.)